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Striped Bass
Stripers are a great gamefish that are very prevalent in Connecticut waters.  They are an anadramous fish, meaning they can live in both fresh and saltwater environments.  A striper fresh out of the water is a majestic looking creature with itís fins standing up and the slim still slick and shiny with the sunís light. Many people like to fish for striped bass, and thousands of charters targeting stripers occur every year in CT.  The most widely used method to catch them is trolling wire line using parachute jigs or umbrella frames with tube lures on them.  This is because the striperís eyes do not function the same way human eyes do, their pupils cannot adjust to the amount of sunlight.  Thus if it is a sunny day and there is no bait at the surface to keep them there, the stripers will be in deep water since going deep is the only way they can protect their eyes from the bright sunlight.  Bass also like to hang around feeding bluefish, letting the bluefish do most of the work and picking up the pieces off the bottom from all the baits they chop up with their nasty teeth.  That is how the big bass get big, by being smart about how they forage.

Starting in July large numbers of Bluefish show up in our near-shore waters and by august sometime they take over the surface feeding activity during the daylight hours.  They are a very toothy and highly aggressive predator and bass are often found in concert with them.  They are messy feeders and chop up whatever they eat without chasing down all the particles.  They do provide an excellent fight and an acrobatic display at the boatside.

Cod are a great eating fish available in the early spring season of fishing.  They are good fighters and can be caught with jigs or bait.  This earlier season fishing is not to everyoneís taste as it can be quite cold out during this time.

There are many types of tunas that can be found in CT waters during the summer.  The most likely ones you will see are Bonito and False albacore, which are very abundant and not afraid to come into the near shore waters.   Bluefin and other tunas are less likely to come into the near shore waters and require a longer trip in most cases to catch them.  They are all very fast swimmers usually capable of speeds up to 40 knots (45mph) and very powerful fighters, able to wear out many anglers.  They are a popular species to target.

Flounder are a species that lives on the bottom and has both eyes on the same side, so they can swim in a manner that is sideways to all other fish.  This allows them to put up a good fight for their size, as they are usuallu almost as wide as they are long.  Also an extremely good eating fish many people like to have flounder. 

Called Blackfish in the rest of the country, the name tautog is originally an Indian name.  They are very rugged fighters but probably one of the ugliest fish you will catch in these waters.  Extremely good to eat, though mainly targeted in the fall.

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