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These are just a few other fishing sites you may wish to visit.

rhode island fishing charters   The Ocean state has a lot to offer.  Get out on a fishing charter and see what all the excitement is about.  A great way to spend a day when visiting Rhode Island.

striper fishing charters  Fishing for the well-known striped bass, an enticing game fish present in abundance in New England waters during the spring and summer months.  Along with bluefish they are a lot of fun to catch.

Point Judith Fishing Charters - Galilee Fishing Charters at Jim's Dock in Jerusalem RI.  Jim's dock is a great little restaurant with a marina and charterboats.  Take a trip and eat at the restaurant when you get back.  Have them cook your catch.

Ocean City MD Fishing Charters - A great place for fisherman who want to enjoy the unique and varied fishing opportunities that Ocean City has to offer the angler.

Block Island fishing charters  Fish the famous Block Island striper fishing grounds at the north rip, clay head, southwest ledge and many other productive areas that hold bass, Blues, giant scup, and other fish.

Galilee Fishing Charters with Aces Wild 2  Book a trip with the captain of the Aces Wild, you'll be very glad you did.  Striper fishing expert using light tackle, we do it differently from other 6 pack charters.

rhode island charter boats  Charter fishing vessels located in Rhode Island and able to take out parties of up to 10 people on fishing trips for stripers, flounder, sea bass, scup, bluefish, and tautog.

Point Judith fishing charters   Fishing guide sailing from off the Point Judith salt pond in Rhode Island.  We are a professional guide service focused on help you catch fish, we aren't interested in taking you for a boat ride.

Rhode Island Light Tackle fishing Boat  This is a light tackle guide service able to take out groups of 1-3 or 1-6 anglers on our two vessels for exciting and entertaining fishing charters.  Book a trip with us.

Galilee fishing charters  At the port of Galilee in Rhode Island many fishing vessels are docked there.  You'll find commercial and recreational fisherman and lobster fishing boats as well as fishing charter boats.  we offer guided trips specializing is striped bass fishing.

Tuna Fishing Charters  Bluefin, Bonito, False Albacore, Yellowfin and Big Eye are the main tunas we can catch during Rhode Island fishing trips.  Bluefin, bonito, and albies are the most prevalent type and we can often target them with spinning gear and lures rather than trolling gear.

Point Judith Fishing Charters  We are right across from the Galilee boats and available for guided fishing charters to target the species of your choice during the season in Rhode Island.

Flounder Fishing Charters   Summer flounder are an excellent game fish we target in the summertime here in Rhode Island.  Also called fluke, they are fairly easy to catch most of the time and make a great meal when fresh.

Tautog fishing charters  There is perhaps no better combination of tough fighting and good tasting in a game fish that you can catch pretty easily in Rhode Island during the fall fishing season.

Shark Fishing Charters  Catch huge sharks and wear yourself out trying to get them to the boat.

Galilee Fishing Charters & RI Boats.  Here we have a group of five Rhode Island charter boats with highly experienced captains who provide fishing charters to people visiting the ocean state during our fishing season.

Rhode Island Fishing Charters for Stripers  There are a large number of charter fishing vessels operating in Rhode Island all of which will take you out on trips to catch stripers or striped bass. These are normally Bass and Blues trips since the two species are often found together and you can't normally avoid them.

Point Judith Fishing Charters for Stripers in RI.  Striped bass are a game fish that is prevalent in Rhode Island on Narragansett Bay, along the south shore, and around Block Island.  They are a beautiful fish that can attain sizes upward of 6olbs in weight, although few fish above that size are caught each year.

Rhode Island Charter Captains  There are over one hundred captains in Rhode Island who provide guided fishing trips to the general public.  A fishing guide is required to hold a current USCG captain's license to be able to take people fishing for hire.

Point Judith Fishing Charters - Light Tackle   Light tackle fishing charter generally use spinning reels and smaller diameter rods that allow you the fish to put up a much more effective fight.  Most 6 pack boats use fairly heavy rods with wire line on them which takes some of the fun out of the fight because the tackle is so stiff.

Drifter Too Rhode Island Fishing Charters  The Drifter too is one of the most effective fishing boats sailing from Point Judith pond in Rhode Island.  Call captain Richard to get on board one of his striper fishing trips during our fishing season.

Block Island Fishing Charters  Greg Snow is a fly fishing expert and light tackle guide living in Rhode Island.  He keeps his boat on Rhode Island's Narragansett Bay in May and early June then moves out to Block Island for June to September or October.  He can cast a fly rod farther than some people can cast spinning gear, and has fished all over the world.

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Newport Fishing Charters   Let On The Rocks Charters share their knowledge of Rhode Island's Narragansett Bay with you.  Captain Letourneau is a fly fishing specialist who can find and help you catch striped bass with fly gear.  Come to Rhode Island and experience the abundant fishing we have.

Galilee Fishing Charters & Boats in Rhode Island  Captain Rene is a light tackle fishing expert who has been living in Rhode Island for 40 years and has fished there for 17 years, first as a commercial fisherman then as a professional guide.

Point Judith fishing charters in Rhode Island  In Rhode Island Point Judith is one of the prime destinations for those people looking to charter a fishing boat.  At the Port of Galilee, there are 30 vessels available for these fishing trips.

Miller Time Rhode Island fishing charters  Located at the fishing port of Galilee.  Fastest charter boat in the fleet at 23 knots the Miller Time gives you more fishing time and less travel time. 

Boat for spreading Ashes on the sea or ocean in Rhode Island RI  We are here to assist you in performing the request of someone close to you for spreading their ashes on the sea.


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